Advent Reflections

Counting Down Luke

How do you get ready for Christmas? There’s lots of things you probably do, so why not get ready for Christmas with a little bit of ‘not doing’? Why not try stopping, or at least slowing down, to listen and engage with God’s Word? You probably don’t have much time, but you might have a minute? One minute each day to give your soul breathing space, to allow your spirit to be touched by the Holy Spirit.

Advent isn’t all chocolate calendars (though we like them too!) its about a life born into our world which also gave birth to the world. Find out more each day of this Advent season in just a minute as we countdown to Christmas using Luke's gospel.  We we hope it spurs you on to pray, reflect and respond to God beyond that. Let’s get ready for Christmas together, wherever we are. Let’s breathe, pray and welcome the King of kings. 

Just click on the pictures below to hear each daily reflection, one for each day of December until Christmas.

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21st December 22nd December 23rd December Christmas Eve