Sundays in September

Building Church in 1 Corinthians

On Sunday mornings during September and October we are looking at the first letter to the Corinthians and what it means to build God’s Church together. What is God building and what is our role in all of this? What does this mean for us at Holy Trinity?

Our series begins at the start of the letter with a focus on the first three chapters, and then we leap forward several chapters to 12-15. Join us as we think together about building Church.


Beautiful Ways: The Book of Esther

On Sunday evenings in September we are exploring the story of ordinary heroes Esther and Mordecai in a story where God is never named and remains unseen but is ever present.  Set in a strange and unfamiliar culture, these characters act out their compassion to loyalty to God in very different ways.  The character of God appears hidden in this unusual story – but how is it revealed in his followers?

Join us on Sunday evenings as we think around the events of this fascinating book.