This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything

In our Sunday services during April and May we travel the journey from the triumphant moments of Easter Day through the events of the seven weeks leading up to the Day of Pentecost. Days that changed everything.

Throughout history, there have been significant mile markers that humanity points to saying, ‘that changes everything!’ There was fire; the invention of the wheel; the printing press. In just the last century and a half, we have seen the discovery of electricity and the invention of the lightbulb; Henry Ford’s first Model T rolled off an assembly line; and the Wright brothers were airborne in the first powered flying machine. And just in a lifetime, we have seen the rise of computers and the internet, mobile phones and wireless communications. As we know, ‘that changes everything!’

Certainly, these are all monumental events in human history, but none of them is as significant as the life of Jesus Christ. So significant is Jesus’ life, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension that our entire calendar is based on him. But what makes Jesus so important? Above all, it was his resurrection; the empty tomb that was found on that first Easter morning. Nothing else even comes close to so completely changing the world as Jesus’ resurrection. As the women entered the tomb, the angel says to them, ‘He has risen!’ These three words form the greatest watershed of all time. More than anything else in all of history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ ‘changes everything!’

So over the seven weeks from Easter to Pentecost we follow the tumultuous events that change everything, seeing through the eyes of the gospel writers those moments that together capture the radical, hopeful and utterly transformational love and plans of God.

Those moments that changed everything.