New Life New Lives

New Life New Lives

As we start the new academic year, our Sunday morning services focus on the theme of 'New Life New Lives'. We celebrate the gift of new life through a series of baptisms and thanksgivings, as families join us to thank God for his provision of children. We will also look at key themes from the Bible that explore what it means to be born again, our status as valued children of God, and focus on some specific ‘Bible babies’ who went on to do great things for God.

This series is both a warm and affirming start to the new term but also an opportunity, as we welcome in many visitors into our church, to present different perspectives on God’s transforming love.

Sunday 8th September:  Psalm 139 .13-16  ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’

Sunday 15th September:  Exodus 2.1-10  ‘The baby in the boat’

Sunday 22nd September: John 3.1-21  ‘be born again’

Sunday 29th September: 1 John 1.28-2.3  ‘children of God’

Sunday 6th October: Jeremiah 1.4-8  ‘called and commissioned’

Sunday 13th October: Luke 1.39-45  ‘the baby who leapt’

Sunday 20th October:  Luke 1.26-38  ‘the baby king’