To God be the glory

To God be the glory

'Glory' is a word we hear all the time in our church services and throughout the Bible, but what does it mean? What difference does it make to our worship and our lives throughout the week? In January and February 2020 we are exploring the 'glory of God' in our 6.30pm evening services.

We continue to experiment with new service formats and so over the series there’s a quieter, more reflective service (breathe) to be still, slow down and re-focus, a vibrant, relaxed informal service of praise and worship (encounter) and a communion service (deeper) with time offered to pray with and for those who need it. Lets be open to seeing more of God’s glory spilling into our lives and our church – let’s keep looking, praying, preparing and walking, and watching for the glory of God be revealed in is. 

Sunday 12th January  What is God’s Glory?

Sunday 17th January (Deeper)  Look for the Glory

Sunday 26th January (Breathe) Pray for the Glory

Sunday 2nd February (Encounter) Celebrate the Glory

Sunday 16th February   Walk in the Glory