One of the most encouraging things for us is that Jesus refuses to be defined by the social conventions of his day, and through his teaching and example challenges so many of the popular assumptions of his time and ours. From his birth onwards he is surrounded by the most unlikely assortment of followers, worshippers, disciples and friends – he engages with all who are open to his possibilities regardless of where they find themselves in life’s pecking order.

As we begin a new year full of opportunities for us at Holy Trinity, and begin a new phase in our mission and ministry, it’s important to remember that God calls each one of us unlikely people to join his adventure and see him working out his purposes in our lives.

Sunday 5th Jan - Isaiah 60.1-4, Matthew 2.1-12  Unlikely Worshippers?

Sunday 12th Jan – Isaiah 42.1-9, Matthew 3.13-17 Unlikely Welcomers?

Sunday 19th Jan – Isaiah 49.1-7, John 1.29-42  Unlikely Witnesses?

Sunday 26th Jan – Isaiah 9.1-4, Matthew 4.12-23  Unlikely Workmates?