Know Your Neighbourhood

Know Your Neighbourhood

On Tuesday 14th November 2017, the group met for a second time and started the process of exploring the relationship between church and neighbourhood. We also began collating data and information about the parish.

Discussions focussed on three main areas:

Reflecting on our neighbourhood (based on feelings and observations from prayer walking the parish)

We recognised that there seems to be some distinct differences across the whole parish particularly in terms of demographics.  We also noted the accessibility of Holy Trinity Church  – it is visible as a building from some parts of the parish yet not all of it. We wondered if people in the Sandyford area would know that HT is their parish church.

Reflecting on our heritage

We looked at the materials brought along about HT – photos, newsletters, flyers, archive material etc.  We were fascinated by the archive material and old photos noticing that the interior of the building had not changed much.  Some of the old church magazines went back to 1920 .  

Reflecting on how others see us

Friends and family who had not been in the building before commented that they “had no idea it was so lovely inside” "Inside there is life – the main church building is closed big and dark."

The church hall in particular the long wall  “doesn’t smile however inside there is life and beauty” “No idea it was so friendly and lively”

The notice board is a bit old fashioned

People who come to events seem to be comfortable in the space

This article from the Parish magazine in 1947 fits well with how many people who have only seen the outside of the building might perceive the church. The full sized article can be accessed here.




Next Steps

These included conducting a congregation wide questionnaire on Sunday 3rd December 2017 and to continue collecting and collating data on the church and neighbourhood.

You can download the full notes from session two here.