With HT Walks

HT Walks

With the coast and hills of Northumberland only being a short drive away, some of us love to make the most of the natural beauty around us by going walking regularly.


Walks take place usually on the first Saturday of the month and are open to anyone who would like to come along.. Walkers usually meet at church and share cars for convenience and to reduce environmental impact. Our walks cover a range of distances, with some being flagged as easy or moderate depending on the terrain.

Our walks are a great way to enjoy the beauty of creation (sometimes even in the driving rain!) and a brilliant way to meet new people and begin to get involved. Walks usually happen on the first Saturday of the month, for more information about the next walk please check out the calendar or contact the team here.

Everyone takes part at their own risk. Our walk leaders are volunteers and cannot be held responsible for the safety of others.